What Is Backlink Relevance

Backlink Relevance – What is It?

SEO is50% quality content & website construction & 50% about backlinks. Of that 50%, half of that is all about relevance, but what does that mean?

Relevance is about far more than just having a link from within relevant content. i.e. having a link to your page about green apples from a page all about how to grow green apples without diseases.

That is good obviously, but the relevance that Google appreciates is a little more sophisticated than that.

Every page on the internet is given a Continue reading “What Is Backlink Relevance”

Window Shutters – The Latest Must Have

Wooden Window Shutters

During the past couple of years or so, internal window shutters have taken over as the must have interiour design feature.

Stylish, while offering added privacy, light control and security, shutters have a lot to offer, while also creating a great look for your home.

Window shutters come in a range of designs, including cafe Continue reading “Window Shutters – The Latest Must Have”